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Greppo is an open-source python development framework that makes it easy to build applications. It provides a toolkit for data-scientists to quickly integrate data, algorithms, visualizations and UI for interactivity.

Greppo provides a platform to prototype your applications quickly and easily.

No front-end or back-end experience required. Greppo takes care of that.

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Greppo provides an open-source python library to turn your scripts into web-applications.

All in the environment you are most comfortable with 😀

$ pip install greppo 
$ greppo serve app.py ▒
# app.py 

import greppo as gpo 

Ready to use components to make interactive applications...

Greppo provides a library of components to connect to variables in the backend.

These components provide an API interface to your python script that can reference and make updates to the bound variables 😀

# Component for a number
number_data = app.number(
    name="A number input component"

# Component for making a single selection
select_data = app.select(
    name="A single select component", 
    options=["a", "b", "c"], 

# Component for making multiple selection
multiselect_data = app.multiselect(
    name="A multi-select component", 
    options=["Option A", "Option B", "Option C"], 
    default=["Option B"]
# Input component for making a drawing on a map and 
# getting its shape geo-data-frame
draw_features = gpd.GeoDataFrame()
draw_data = app.draw_feature(
    name="A draw feature component", 


While you focus on your algorithms & models, greppo takes care of the rest.

Getting your MVP or prototype running in no time.

Connecting your data with your models & algorithms together with a user-interface.

All packaged neatly into an application with the front-end and back-end taken care off.




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